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Winston-E Desktop Riser, Two Monitors - Front View

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  • Winston-E Desktop Riser, Two Monitors - Front View
  • Winston-E Desktop Riser, Two Monitors - Lift
  • Winston-E Desktop Riser, Two Monitors - Focal Depth Adjustment
  • Winston-E Desktop Riser, Two Monitors - Sit/Stand
  • Winston-E Desktop Riser, Two Monitors - Independent Monitor Adjustment
  • Winston-E Electric Lift Buttons
  • Winston-E Desktop Riser, Two Monitors - Back View

Winston-E Standing Desk Converter (Two Monitors)

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Note: We are no longer taking orders for this product. You can order the Winston-E Standing Desk Converter (Two Monitors) on Amazon. Thank you for understanding.

A Truly Innovative Riser

Here we have it, the next generation desktop riser. The Winston-E takes up where its original namesake the Winston began, but comes with a top-of-the-line electric lift mechanism and a sophisticated design fit for the executive suite. Its patented focal depth adjustment allows you to fine-tune your monitor(s) to a comfortable viewing distance, a feature no other free-standing desktop riser on the market achieves to date. And its monitors tilt, pan, rotate, and adjust vertically independent of the work surface, for optimal ergonomic positioning. It's a pioneer in the field of desktop risers - the rare combination of style, quality, and innovative ergonomics - and a perfect addition to any corner office.  

The Winston-E Dual comes with two standard (VESA) monitor mounts and adjusting monitor arms, so you can stand and work just the way you like.



Winston-E FeaturesThe Winston-E received a 4.5 out of 5 rating from's expert review team. Read their review here.


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Winston-E Compact Work Surface

1. Winston-E, Single Monitor

2. Winston-E, Dual Monitors

3. Winston-E, Triple Monitors

Choose Your Options

The Winston-E is also available with a compact work surface:

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Add a Premium Standing Mat (Up to $15 Off)

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  • Programmable electric height adjustment makes sit/stand quick and easy
  • 18" of vertical height adjustment
  • Standard work surface, 30" wide by 22" deep
  • Optional compact work surface, 30" wide by 16" deep
  • All models support up to 40 lbs. 
  • Winston-E (Two Monitors) supports most monitors up to 30" widescreen
  • Free standing base
  • Available in Gray
  • Ethical manufacturing. Winston is assembled in the USA using components created through a green manufacturing process.


Standard Work Surface

Winston-E Diagram


Compact Work Surface

Winston-E Compact Work Surface

Innovative Office Equipment offers a 5-year warranty on the Winston-E.
The Winston-E ships from Easton, PA and arrives within 12 business days.