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Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation - Raised, Front View

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  • Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation - Raised, Front View
  • Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation - Raised, Side View
  • Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation - Lowered, Front View
  • Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation - Lowered, Side View
  • Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation - Raised, VESA Mounts
  • Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation - Color Options

Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation

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Note: We are no longer taking orders for this product. You can order the Wallaby Elite Sit Stand Workstation on Amazon. Thank you for understanding.


  • American-made craftsmanship
  • Dual monitor support
  • Stable work surface
  • Work surface and monitors adjust in unison
  • Available in Black, Maple, Cherry, and Putty

Budget-Friendly, Beginner Model

The Wallaby Elite is the dual monitor desktop riser from Ergo Desktop’s Wallaby line. It enjoys the same sturdy American construction of its relatives, and adds a mounting bracket for two monitors – so you can optimize your work productivity. Its work surface and height adjustment range equal the standard, single monitor Wallaby’s, and it carries a price point tough to beat for dual monitor options.


Wallaby Elite - VESA MountsStability: A solid steel base plate gives the Wallaby top-notch work surface stability. Add in the separate stabilization leg, and it becomes one of the sturdiest risers on the market.

Roomy Work Surface: An expansive work surface for your keyboard, mouse, and other desktop accessories measures 28” wide by 24” deep, and ranks among the largest. For even more space, you can opt for detachable side work surfaces or a keyboard extension surface.

Adjustability: An impressive height adjustability range raises your work surface 16.5” above your desk. The Elite’s monitor bracket moves separately within a 7” vertical range to fine-tune to your height (but remain fixed after setting).

Dual Monitor Support: Every Wallaby Elite comes with a mounting bracket and two standard VESA mounts, which allow you to tilt, pan, and rotate your monitors for improved ergonomic viewing.

The Wallaby line received a 4.5-star rating from the expert review team at You can read their review here.

Choose Your Wallaby

The Wallaby line comes in three different versions...

Wallaby1. Wallaby (Standard): Single monitor support, 28” wide by 24” deep work surface, work surface raises 16.5”


Wallaby Elite2. Wallaby Elite: Dual monitor support, 28” wide by 24” deep work surface, work surface raises 16.5 



Wallaby Junior3. Wallaby Junior: Single monitor support, 24” wide by 18” deep work surface, work surface raises 14.5”



Choose Your Work Surface Color

Wallaby Colors

1. Wallaby (Standard): Cherry, Maple, Putty, Black

2. Wallaby Elite: Cherry, Maple, Putty, Black

3. Wallaby Junior: Black


Choose Your Accessories

Ergo Desktop offers a variety of accessories so you can customize your Wallaby. 

Keyboard Extension

Keyboard Extension: Most users are content with the Wallaby's 28" x 24" work surface, but in case you want more space in front of your monitor, you can add 9" with a keyboard extension platform.  


Detachable Side Work Surface

Detachable Side Work Surfaces: Give yourself more room on the sides! This accessory adds 11.5" to one side of your work surface; you can add them to both sides for an extra 23" of work space. 


Stabilization Leg

Extra Stabilization Leg: All Wallaby models come with a stabilization leg to keep your work surface rock-steady when elevated, but you can opt for a back-up leg if you like.




Wallaby v. Kangaroo

Kangaroo with Independent Monitor AdjustmentThe Wallaby is a close cousin to the Kangaroo, both in the wild and in the world of desktop risers. They are manufactured by Ergo Desktop, a top “made-in-America” producer of sit-stand workstations. Wallabies differ from Kangaroos in that once the monitor height is set on a Wallaby, it remains fixed, and the monitor(s) move up and down in unison with the work surface. With a Kangaroo, you can adjust the monitor height independently from the work surface. 



Add a Premium Standing Mat (Up to $15 Off)

premium standing mats

Take care of your feet and get the most out of your new standing desk converter! A good anti-fatigue mat means more hours standing in full comfort, by reducing strain on your back, legs, and feet.

iMovR EcoLast Anti-Fatigue Mats are made from 100% polyurethane material and won’t lose their bounce or curl up at the edges like cheaper mats. Designed to last a lifetime, they help you save time, money, (and the environment!) by eliminating the need to replace your mat every year. 100% made-in-America, these mats come with a five-year full-performance warranty, and are completely recyclable.

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EcoLast Portable - bring it along wherever you go (garage, gardening, sporting events, meetings, etc.)
Ecolast Premium - our classic made-in-America, durable standing mat
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EcoLast Granite - bold and elegant to complement your decor (colors include Emerald, Copper, and Steel)

  • Work surface 28" wide x 24" deep
  • Steel base plate 17.5" wide x 16" deep
  • Work surface raises 16.5" above your desk
  • Monitor mount has 7" vertical adjustment range (requires tools to adjust)
  • Supports monitors up to 10 lbs. each, 25" wide each (For more monitor weight, the Kangaroo line can be upgraded) 
  • Work surface supports 34 lbs.
  • Gas-assisted lift mechanism
Ergo Desktop offers a five-year warranty on the Wallaby Elite's steel frame, and a two-year warranty on its parts.
This product ships for free anywhere in the contiguous United States. Ships within 3 weeks of order.