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ZipLift+ HD with Free iMovR EverMat™

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  • ZipLift+ HD with Free iMovR EverMat™
  • ZipLift+ HD Dual Monitors
  • ZipLift+ HD Dual Monitors with iMovR EcoLast Mat
  • ZipLift+ HD Dual Monitors in use
  • ZipLift+ HD Hand Paddle
  • ZipLift+HD Gas Strut Lift Mechanism

iMovR ZipLift+ HD 42" Standing Desk Converter

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Note: We are no longer taking orders for this product. You can order the iMovR ZipLift+ HD 42" Standing Desk Converter at Thank you for understanding.


  • Heavy-Duty (HD) lifting capacity (45 lbs.) & peerless stability
  • Wide work surface (42")—accommodates up to 2 x 27” monitors
  • Supports clamp-mounting or grommet-mounting* monitor arms
  • Productive & comfortable typing with tilting ergonomic keyboard tray (15º)
  • Expansive 20" height range fits users up to 6' 7"
  • Infinite height settings within its range—for fine-tuning your standing posture
  • Silent lift mechanism integrates seamlessly in quiet office spaces
  • Ships fully-assembled—no tools required
  • NEAT™-certified
*Note: Grommet mounting with iMovR Tempo Monitor Arms requires additional washers (available upon request).


ZipLift+ HD Heavy Duty Lift Capacity

Superior Engineering—Heavy-Duty (HD)

In an age where many workers use multiple monitors, standing desks should lift heavy weights while maintaining the utmost surface stability.

The ZipLift+ HD has been engineered with a lift capacity that matches the largest models in the market without adding the unnecessary bulk (in weight) you'll find on competitors. In fact, the HD is so efficient for its size, at 45 lb. lift capacity, it can lift more than than its own weight. All with the greatest side-to-side and back-and-forth stability in the market.



ZipLift+ HD Wide Work Surface for Multiple Monitors

Extra-Spacious Work Surface

No compromises when it comes to surface space. A wide work surface provides room for multiple monitors and more.

The ZipLift+ HD's primary work surface extends 42” side-to-side, enabling the use of up to two 27" monitors (and a laptop on the side). And once your monitors are set, there's still bountiful room for working with papers and other documents—even storing accessories.



ZipLift+ HD Tilting Keyboard Tray for Productive and Ergonomic Typing

Advanced Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Typing while standing can put undue pressure on your arms and wrists. The ZipLift+ HD has the widest keyboard tray tilt of any model in the market—for comfortable, healthy, and productive typing while standing. 

Its keyboard tray adjusts to a 15º angle, which encourages an ergonomically-sound posture for typing while standing.

Quickly loosen the knob to the right of the tray, adjust the platform, re-tighten, and you're ready for focused, productive typing all day long. 



ZipLift+ HD Expansive Height Range for All Users

Expansive Height Range for a Variety of Users

The ZipLift+ HD accommodates users of various sizes—from 5' 0" up to 6' 7".

No matter which end of the height spectrum you're on, the HD has you covered. Its 20" height range is one of the widest ranges on the market, which makes it versatile enough to work with whole teams of employees. Or between coworkers as they share a workstation.



ZipLift+ HD Precision Height Adjustment

Infinite Height Settings—Fine-tune Your Standing Posture

The ZipLift+ HD's lift mechanism stops anywhere within its impressive 20" height range. This means you can pinpoint the exact position that works best for your unique body type, and ensure the most comfortable and productivity-enabling stance.

While other mechanisms latch into place in 11 or fewer positions, the ZipLift+ HD opens up an infinite array of custom height settings. Just release the hand paddle and the brake engages at your desired standing height. 



ZipLift+ HD Silent Lift Mechanism for Quiet Office Spaces

Silent Lift Mechanism—Integrates Seamlessly in Quiet Office Spaces

No one wants to be a nuisance in the office. And there's no quieter desk converter than the ZipLift+ HD.

Its gas-assisted lift mechanism is smooth and silent. Unlike common spring mechanisms, it eliminates any latching noises you'll hear when securing into place, or any grinding noises while lifting. It's the perfect, unobtrusive addition to your work.




ZipLift+ HD Compact Depth for Smaller DesksCompact Frame Fits a Variety of Desks

Large, small, and everywhere in between—the ZipLift+ HD fits most every desk.

Bulky and heavy-lifting devices often take up too much space to fit on more compact desks. But the ZipLift+ HD doesn’t compromise its compactness when it gains in lifting power. It fits snugly on even the smallest 24"-deep desks.



ZipLift+HD Fully Assembled, No Tools Required

Ships Fully-Assembled; No Tools Required

No need to take out the toolbox for assembly. The ZipLift+ HD comes fully-assembled and ready to use.

Just place it on your existing desk and start enjoying the health benefits of standing at work, with the exclusive ergonomic design of the ZipLift+ HD.



iMovR EverMat Portable Mat

FREE iMovR EverMat™ Portable Standing Mat!

iMovR EverMat™ Portable Standing Mat ($49.95 value)

Take care of your feet and get the most out of your new standing desk converter! A good anti-fatigue mat means more hours standing in full comfort, and less strain on your back, legs, and feet.

Included with your ZipLift+ comes a free 18" x 24" EverMat™ Portable Standing Mat. It's 3/4" thick and 100% polyurethane for extra standing endurance! 





The ZipLift+ HD is a NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certified product; its usage will help combat the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Standing while working is the first line of defense against sitting disease, as the small movements you make throughout the day while standing increase your body’s energy expenditure and heart rate.



Add a Monitor Arm

iMovR Monitor Arm

Ergonomic Monitor Arms

For the best ergonomics, you’ll always want to keep your monitor(s) at the proper height, distance, and angles. Monitor arms make moving your monitors easy, so you can find the right monitor position whether you're sitting, standing, or ‘perching’ at your desk. They help keep neck and eye strain at bay, and ensure you work in optimal comfort at all times.




Choose Your ZipLift+ Model

ZipLift+ 35" ZipLift+ HD


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100-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No restocking fees. See our Terms and Conditions for details.

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  • Top Work Surface: 42" W X 15.7" D X .5" H; maximum weight capacity 45 lbs.*
  • Keyboard Tray: 26.4" W X 13" D X .5" H; maximum weight capacity 5 lbs.
  • Base: 29.2" W X 22.2" D
  • Work Surface Maximum Height: 20 5/8" 
  • Maximum Monitor Size: 2 x 27" 
  • Grommet Hole Diameter: 2 inches
  • Keyboard Tilt: +10 degrees, -15 degrees
  • Unit Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 44" W X 27.5" D X 8" H 
  • Shipping Weight: 55 lbs. 

* The ZipLift+ HD can support a combined weight of 45 lbs. between the top work surface and the keyboard tray. However, the counterbalance force is set to 15 lbs. Please note that heavy dual monitors, or lightweight dual monitors attached to a dual monitor arm, would likely add more weight than the counterbalance force, and require additional lift effort from the user. This is similar to all other z-lift type standing desk converters.


The iMovR ZipLift+ HD is supported by a 5-year warranty. See Terms and Conditions for more details.

We offer a 100-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on this product. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your purchase and would like to exchange or return it, please send it back to us and we will give you a full refund. Customer is responsible for shipping costs. No restocking fees apply. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Shipping Rates

United States: FREE to Lower 48 States. The ZipLift+ Corner ships within 5 business days of ordering. Please allow an additional 3-5 business days for delivery.
Hawaii: $69
Alaska: $99
Canada: $99 (includes all duties and taxes)
Other International: Please see instructions below for generating a custom shipping quote.

Shipping Internationally

International customers have 2 options:

1. We can ship to any freight forwarder in the continental US for the same flat rate as to any other domestic customer. It would be your responsibility to select a freight forwarder, set up an account, and negotiate freight forwarding rates. If you go with this option, contact us at or (844) 366-8748 with your order details and the delivery address for your freight forwarder, and we will get back to you with pallet dimensions, weights, and any other information required for your forwarder to generate a quote for you.

2. For international customers, the product can be shipped directly to you via DHL Global Freight (ocean) or DHL Express (typically 2-day or 3-day air). Please contact us with complete order details, full shipping address, and contact information so that we may generate a quote for you. By default, we will generate a quote for DHL Global Freight (ocean/ground) shipping only — unless you indicate you would like DHL Express (air) or both rates to compare. Please allow 24-72 hours to turn around an international delivery quote.

Note for Mexican and Overseas International Customers: You will be responsible for any customs duties and taxes that may be due to your government. The carrier (DHL) will collect these at the time they contact you to schedule your delivery. 

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