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Focal Mogo Stool - Black

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  • Focal Mogo Stool - Black
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Focal Mogo Leaning Travel Seat with Black Cushion


Note: We are no longer taking orders for this product. You can order the Focal Mogo Leaning Travel Seat with Black Cushion on Amazon. Thank you for understanding.

Say Hello to the Human Kickstand

Meet the Mogo, Focal’s study in simplicity. Don’t let the slim profile fool you – you’re looking at a full-featured ergonomic seat. Settle back, and let the Mogo catch you. Unlike traditional office chairs, the Mogo is a leaning chair, a hybrid option that keeps your legs active without subjecting them to the full strain of standing. A contoured saddle seat encourages proper ergonomics while its plush padding offers streamlined comfort.

But what good’s a kickstand if it isn’t portable? The Mogo is a certified flyweight at only 2.1 pounds. Collapse the stand, unscrew the seat, clip the two together, and you’ll find that the whole chair fits neatly into one of Focal’s fetchingly red carrying bags, or in your backpack.

Unlike more fragile furniture, the Mogo is designed with portability in mind. Crafted from durable, lightweight aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced nylon, it can follow you anywhere you find yourself in need of a quick seat. A rubber base provides rock-solid grip on most surfaces – flip it around and you’ll find a flanged plastic head for use with turf or grass.

Treadmill desking and in need of a seat? Look no further – the Mogo is ideal for use with treadmills. The lightweight design can set up in seconds, and the leaning chair design keeps your treadmill walking belt from feeling the full pressure of other seating options. The Mogo is simply the smallest, lightest and fastest "chair" to set upon your treadmill - and by far the least expensive, too!

Around the office we like having these around for flash "Mogo Meetings." More formal than a "hallway meeting," yet more productive and certainly healthier than camping around a conference table, Mogo meetings are fun and efficient. For the cost of one office chair you could equip your entire department with Mogo sticks.


- 2.1 lbs

- Extendable from 18" to 37" via 3 telescoping sections

- 14.5" by 8.5" seat, suitable for users up to 200 lbs

- Annodized aluminum body

- Fiberglass-reinforced nylon seat is designed to comfortably fit your posterior

- Easily reversible rubber base to switch from hard surfaces to soft (turf or sand). 

The Many Ways We've Already Found for Using a Mogo

- For instant relief from leg and lower back muscle strain, spend 15 minutes seated on a Mogo and get right back to standing or walking at your desk, refreshed

- Impromptu meetings in common areas, factory floors or other places far from a convenient conference table (and way healthier than sitting, too!)

- Concerts and other public events where schlepping a chair is just a drag

- No seat on the bus or train? No problem, you brought your own spare! And it'll give you a little more core workout during your busy day

- Camping, hiking, backpacking.... at only 2.1 lbs. it sure beats sitting on a hard rock. 

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