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Focal Locus Desk

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Focal Locus Desk

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Healthy Hybrid

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We’re coming to love leaning chairs here at Sitless. These hybrid seats keep your legs active, but also take some of the weight themselves, allowing you to fight sitting disease without the aches and pains of a standing-only workday.

And you’re looking at the best of them. The Focal Locus Workstation is a pitch-perfect blend of craftsmanship and ergonomic ingenuity.

A Longer Lean

Comfort is the driving force behind the unusual design of the Locus leaning chair. The angled, padded footboard places the feet at a neutral position rather than overextending them, vastly reducing the foot fatigue that leaning chairs can sometimes cause. A sculpted saddle seat encourages proper leg positioning, and gives users a healthy layer of padding. Like the rest of the Workstation, the Locus seat is fully adjustable. A tilting seat pan lets you fluidly change hip angle, taking pressure off the lower back, and the variable-height support accommodates users from 4’11” to 6’10”.

And when you lean, the Locus leans with you. Like many similar chairs, the Locus is an active chair – a pivot joint in the base allows core-strengthening micromovements throughout your workday.

Break from the Routine

Tired of the endless array of identical adjustable desks? Might be time for a Locus desk. The brainchild of renowned designer Martin Keen, Focal’s height adjustable table brings a slice of renaissance class to an office. Angled, contoured, and worlds away from conventional desk design, the Locus desk is one of the true innovations we’ve seen in its category.

A 36” to 48” range of height adjustment is supplemented by up to 15º of positive tilt, making this the first variable-height drafting table we’ve seen to date. Quality materials, including anodized aluminum and furniture-grade hardwood plywood, lend both a stylish look and outstanding durability.


Focal also offers a wide range of optional accessories for fully equipping your Locus.

- Anti-fatigue Mat: adds some extra cushion to the footboard of the Locus chair. Highly recommended for anyone planning to use the Workstation for extended periods of time.

- Stay Flat Shelf: bolts directly onto the frame of the Locus and remains flat even if the primary tabletop is inclined. Great perch for anything delicate or prone to rolling. Available in tabletop colors.

- LED Task Lamp: three brightness levels and five light temperatures make this the neatest add on for the Locus. Attaches directly to one of the two grommet holes in the Locus tabletop.

- Cable Management Tray: adds enough space to hold one or two power strips beneath the tabletop. Attaches directly to the frame of the Locus Desk.

- iMac Bracket: secures iMac, Thunderbolt, and Cinema displays to the Stay Flat Shelf



- Supports up to 180 lbs of equipment.

- Globally sourced, assembled in the US

- Includes synthetic leather work mat

- Contoured front edge


- Adjusts from 31" to 41"

- Wheeled, folds for easy transport

- Gas-piston cylinder rated for users up to 300lb


All Focal products come covered with a limited lifetime guarantee.


The Focal Locus Desk currently arrives within up to 19 business days from time of order, depending on your location within the continental US.