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CoreChair Knit

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  • CoreChair Knit
  • CoreChair Knit
  • CoreChair Knit
  • CoreChair levers
  • CoreChair levers
  • CoreChair back
  • CoreChair in motion
  • CoreChair Sport in Black
  • CoreChair Sport in Blue
  • CoreChair Sport

CoreChair Active Ergonomic Chair

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Note: We are no longer taking orders for this product. You can order the CoreChair Active Ergonomic Chair on Amazon in both Standard and Tall sizes. Thank you for understanding.


  • Multi-axial design (the seat moves 14 degrees in every direction)
  • Ergonomic seat pan that promotes lower extremity blood flow
  • Adjustable back rest designed specifically to provide most adequate lumbar support
  • Various stability adjustment levels
  • Safe and sturdy construction 
  • Made from recycled or recyclable materials. Seat covers are made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyesters (water bottles)
  • NEAT-certified

Looking for an Ergonomic Chair To Keep You Active?

CoreChair in motionLong hours in the office leaving you feeling as stiff as the chair you sit in? Or are you tired of replacing flimsy chair frames and deflated exercise balls? SitLess introduces the CoreChair—the best office chair for those who want to keep active even while working.

Designed by kinesiologist and entrepreneur Patrick Harrison, CoreChair is a confluence of balance ball and office chair—a marriage that took seven years of research and development. Safe, comfortable, and sturdy, it allows you to balance back and forth as well as side-to-side thanks to its multi-axial design that was engineered and tested to exceed 1 million cycles using the BIFMA/ANSI protocol. 

Now you can move while writing reports, reading emails, or answering phone calls. No deflation, falling accidents, or frail frames!

Active Seating that Offers Serious Back Support

Inspired by the balance ball chair, the CoreChair makes a great alternative, as balance ball chairs always had the tendency to roll from under users, deflate frequently, and offer zero back support. CoreChair features a shorter back that provides plenty of lumbar support, a mobile seat that allows you to move and balance like you would on a ball (without the risk of falling), and an ergonomic seat pan that keeps your pelvis in a neutral position, preventing pelvic slumping and spine ascension.

The seat features three levers that allow you to change the chair height, adjust stability levels, and regulate the lower back support.  

CoreChair Health Benefits

CoreChair Active Sitting Office ChairUnlike regular office chairs, CoreChair significantly reduces the negative health effects of sitting. It’s been used in research studies by such notable institutions as Mayo Clinic, University of Waterloo, Cornell University as well as many others.

Owing to its health-promoting design, you’ll enjoy an open hip angle, which keeps your knees below hips for improved blood circulation. It also increases the recruitment of core stabilizing muscles, which helps strengthen your core after prolonged use. You can experience lower pressure points thanks to more evenly distributed weight. Last but not least, you'll burn 20% more calories on the CoreChair compared to your regular office seat.

Finish & Color Options

CoreChair comes in two fabrics suitable for the office and laboratory alike. The Knit version of the chair is a great choice for the office. It features a black net overlay on top of green upholstery.

The Sport version comes with a wipeable medical grade cushion that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. The latter is available in three colors - Black, Blue, and Gray.

The CoreChair received a 5-star review from the WorkWhileWorking expert team. Read their full review here

Available Sizes:

  • CoreChair Standard: 17.1” – 19.2” for users up to 5'6"
  • CoreChair Tall: 18.7” – 22.3” for users above 5'6"

Finish Options:

  • CoreChair Knit (black net overlay)
  • CoreChair Sport (faux leather)


  • CoreChair Knit in Black on green
  • CoreChair Sport in Black, Blue, and Gray

Weight Rating:

  • 250 lbs.

CoreChair tech specs

CoreChair Xray

12-year warranty

Free Shipping to Lower 48 States. Knit chairs ship within 5 to 7 business day (or 1 week). Sport chairs ship within one and a half weeks.