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Scared Sitless Cover

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  • Scared Sitless Cover

Scared Sitless


Sitting is a Disease. Ready for the Antidote?

Note: We are no longer taking orders for this book. You can order Scared Sitless from Amazon. Thank you for understanding.

Scared Sitless offers an antidote to "sitting disease," that surprising new affliction which results when we plop down on our derrieres for hours on end. It may not actually be "the new smoking," as so many headlines claim, but the consequences of our sedentary ways are definitely catching up with us.

Scared Sitless also helps you cope with the muscle aches and pains that can result from a poor ergonomics set-up and sub-optimal office posture. Office fitness behaviors need to become automatic, so there's an entire chapter that shows how to turn them into habits. Like all of the book, the habit chapter draws on the latest research and best practices to give you an evidence-based action plan for staying fit and healthy at work.

Scared Sitless received a five out of five stars from the WorkWhileWalking expert review team. Read their review here.