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UpTown Stand Up Desk Hayward Cherry Top (72") on Silver Base, In Use

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  • UpTown Stand Up Desk Hayward Cherry Top (72") on Silver Base, In Use
  • UpTown Stand Up DeskHayward Cherry Top (72") on Silver Base
  • UpTown Stand Up Desk Controller

iMovR UpTown Standing Desk

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Please Note: The UpTown and Olympus desk lines are on close-out special pricing as we are replacing them with the all new, made-in-USA, Freedom™ Desk Line—specifically the Energize and Cascade models, respectively. UpTown and Olympus desks are no longer available in all sizes. To see what sizes we have left in inventory click on "Customize and Add to Cart" above, and only those choices will appear in the drop-down options.  

The Most Customizable Adjustable-Height Desk in the World

Your desk is the cornerstone of your work life and environment. It should match your space requirements and office décor to a T, without compromising on sturdiness, reliability or proper ergonomics. The UpTown offers better value and greater versatility than anyone else. No other desk on the market gives you this kind of componentry at such a modest price, and no other desk gives you this many standard options to choose from in making it your own.

The quietest electric desk base ever made, uncompromising in every way

At one-fourth the noise signature of most other desks in this price range, the iMovR UpStage 30 base that serves as the foundation of UpTown desk is the quietest in the world, measuring below 41 decibels. And that’s with an impressive travel speed of 1.5 inches per second and a class-beating 265 lb. lift capacity. Acceleration and deceleration dampening ensures your coffee will never slosh out of its cup while the desk is on the move, another feature you won’t find on any other desk in this price range.

All that excess lifting capacity translates to extraordinary reliability (the dual precision motors will never strain under ordinary loads). This is reflected in the UpTown’s extensive warranty coverage, including lifetime on the frame and five years on all other components.

Exceeding ANSI/BIFMA government standards, the UpTown desk has a 50” height reach (including Select Top desk top), making it ideal for taller individuals and treadmill walkers. Many users will pair the UpTown with iMovR's ThermoTread GT treadmill base, so they’ve reinforced the frame to increase its stability.

The greatest variety of tabletop options

With five tabletop widths, eleven standard tabletop colors, and two top thicknesses to choose from the UpTown comes in over 99 standard configurations (198 if you count the base color option of black or silver). Defining the state-of-the-art in adjustable-height furniture, all iMovR tabletops are ergo-contoured on precision CNC equipment and then hermetically sealed with Surf(x) 3D lamination, providing superior performance to conventional high-pressure laminated and powder coated tops used by other desks. Read more below about iMovR's exclusive 3D lamination technology.

The 30”-deep tabletops come in 42”, 47”, 59” and 71” widths in our SlimTop (3/4” thick) modernist styling. The SlimTops are pre-drilled for base and controller attachment, as well as installation of an optional iMovR Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray.

If you prefer the richer look of a thicker tabletop choose from our 42”, 47”, 59”, or 71" SelectTop options. At 1-1/8” thickness these are the same grade tops we use on our Synapse sit-stand conference tables. Adding even more desk stability, the SelectTops feature recessed nuts for installing the base with machine screws instead of wood screws. This means you can take the desk apart and re-assemble it many times without ever degrading the screw holes.

Sit-Stand, Stand-Walk, Sit-Stand-Walk – the UpTown desk can do it all

For a sit-to-stand desk or standing/walking workstation, most users will choose a 42”, 47” or 59” wide tabletop. The UpStage 30N base that ships with these configurations can be adjusted to any of these tabletop widths should you want to change the top out in the future.

For the ultimate in sit-stand-walk treadmill desks, use our 71" tabletop option with the UpStage 30W base. The longer crossbars of the 30W base allow the feet to be spread far enough apart to accommodate both a full-width treadmill and full-width office chair with room to spare. Set the three programmable memories in the UpTown’s digital controller for your preferred sitting, standing and walking heights.

iMovR's Exclusive 3D Lamination Technology

Every desk manufacturer claims their table tops are "unique," but in fact most all of them use the same "high-pressure lamination" (HPL) process that’s been around for decades. Sounds fancy, but all it really means is that a 3mm thick laminate is pressed onto a particle board or MDF core, usually 3/4" or 1” thick. If you've ever removed the grommet cover and looked at the cross section of the unfinished inside of one of these typical table tops you've surely noticed the raw wood showing through. All iMovR table tops are manufactured with much more advanced technology than standard HPL. They outperform all HPL and powder coated table tops in resistance to dings, scratches, discoloration and chemical damage – and they look oh, so much nicer. People often mistake our 3D-laminated tabletops for expensive solid hardwood tops, even though they cost less than what competitors charge for the old stuff.

All the edges and corners of our tabletops are precision-contoured to create an elegant, yet ergonomic "comfort edge," while also rounding off those sharp corners that are unavoidable with standard "PVC edge-banded" rectangular table tops. The chosen color or woodgrain image is then thermofused to the core using an advanced 3D lamination process that covers every exposed surface of the wood - even down through the insides of the fully-laminated grommet holes. This 3D lamination method is not only more elegant in appearance compared to standard lamination, it better protects the table top from moisture damage and warping, and guarantees a higher level of durability. So durable, in fact, that even strong disinfectants used in hospitals will not tarnish your table top's finish. Learn more about the advantages of 3D lamination.

Make it Your Own

Choose your tabletop color:

UpTown offers these eleven standard colors plus over 50 custom color choices  - more than any other manufacturer of height-adjustable desks. See our color chart for full-screen, hi-res color samples.

For 4" x 6" handheld samples, see the iMovR 3D Laminate Color Sample Kit to find a match for your workspace.

Choose your shape and size:

UpTown tops are currently available in these standard sizes:
Small: 30" x 42", with dual grommet holes
Medium: 30" x 47", with dual grommet holes
Large: 30" x 59", with dual grommet holes
XL: 30" x 71", with dual grommet holes

Other options, including corner desk table tops, coming soon. 

Choose your base color:

Choose from black or silver powder coat finish.



Choose your Power Management Options:

ELITE Power SocketUnique to iMovR desks is the optional Grommet-Mounted Power Socket that brings charging AC outlets and USB ports to the top of the table. This is ideal for shared workstations where users may want to power their laptops or charge their mobile devices, without having to bend down and search for a free plug along the floor. Silver or black powder-coated finish, with a 72" cord. All table tops can accommodate one or two such charging nodes. Available in silver or black powder coated finish.

Choose your Monitor Arm:

Ergotron Dual Monitor ArmFor the best ergonomics you'll always want to use a Monitor Arm to hold your LCD screen(s) up at the proper height. Choose from our single or dual-arm models, in both standard and "tall pole" versions (recommended for anyone over 5'10"). With our 71" table top you could choose to use separate monitor stands for the left and right working positions, place a single-LCD arm in the center that can be swung over as necessary, or place a dual-LCD arm in the center to place a screen in front of both the treadmill and the chair.

Choose your Keyboard Tray:

iMovR Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard TrayPermanently-mounted keyboard trays are always highly recommended for the best ergonomics. Historically, though, they've been painfully expensive and even more painful to install.  Our "Stowaway" Retractable Keyboard Tray offers every conceivable keyboard and mouse adjustment and accommodates 98% of all keyboard models nicely, while priced well below other trays of similar capability. With the pre-drilled holes in our table tops, installation is much easier, too. On the 71" table tops the rail mounts are pre-drilled in the left and right as well as center positions, directly opposite the grommet holes, for perfect keyboard/monitor alignment. On the 48" and 60" tops the tray mounting is aligned to the center of the table.

Sit Less, Stand More, in Comfort

Take care of your feet and get the most out of your new desk! With a good anti-fatigue mat you can spend more hours standing in full comfort by reducing strain on your back, legs, and feet. iMovR EcoLast Anti-Fatigue Mats are made with solid polyurethane so they won’t lose their bounce or curl up at the edges like cheaper mats tend to do. EcoLast standing mats are designed to last a lifetime, helping you save time, money, and the environment by eliminating the hassle and waste of replacing your mat every year. EcoLast mats are 100% made in America, come with a five year full-performance warranty, and are 100% recyclable.

Manage Your Cables

Advanced Cable Management Kit Keep your cables safe and organized and your new desk tidy with iMovR’s Cable Management Kit. These kits are easy to install, and include a variety of versatile and reusable components to allow you to easily reconfigure your cable bundles time and time again. For minimal cable needs, choose the Basic Kit, reusable cable ties, adhesive mounting brackets, and magnetic cable guides. Most users will want to opt for the Advanced Kit, which includes a 7-outlet surge protector with a 12'-long cord and a 24" cable trough to hold it and any excess cable bundles. The surge protector and trough together make it so that you only need to make sure the surge protector’s cord has enough slack for your desk to reach its top height. With twelve feet to work with you’ll have plenty of flexibility to place your new desk as far or close to the wall outlet as possible.

Take Your Stand Up Desk for a Ride

iMovR Locking Caster Wheel SetNeed more mobility in your UpTown desk? iMovR's Locking Caster Wheel Set replaces your new UpTown’s leveling feet with four locking casters to help you shift your desk where you need it easily and safely. These casters are designed to screw into provided recessed threading on the feet of your UpTown, and installation is very simple. Just remove the desk’s leveling pads, use the included wrench to screw in the casters, flip it back on its wheels with a helper and you’re good to go! Lock the casters when you find a good spot, unlock them to glide to a different one. Enjoy a savings of $10 off the price of these casters when you buy them at the same time as your new stand up desk!

Bundle in a Treadmill!

If you need a treadmill to complement your new adjustable-height UpTown desk, we can take you through the options at the time you place your order, or call us anytime at (888) 959-0025 to speak with one of our treadmill desk solutions specialists.

Bulk Orders

Please contact our Corporate Solutions Department to discuss custom color and logo engraving options, as well as installation details and large quantity discounts at (844) 366-8748 or email us at


Just a small sample of customers that use the 
iMovR ThermoDesk UpTown

The UpStage30 Base
Rated Lifting Capacity 265 lbs.
Product Weight* 71 lbs.
Average Travel Speed 1.5 inches per second
Noise Signature 41dB
Controller Type Digital Readout with 3 memory presets
Special Features Acceleration and Deceleration Dampening
Country of Origin Base: China

 UpTown Stand Up Desk Dimensions 

The UpTown Table Top
Lamination Type 3-Dimensional
Edging Ergo-contoured

All sizes have dual grommets
Grommet diameter 3.0"
Fully 3-D laminated 

Table Thickness

0.750" SlimTop or 1.125" SelectTop

Available Sizes (Including Pinch Trim)

SlimTop 30" x 42", 28 lbs.
SlimTop 30" x 47", 32 lbs.
SlimTop 30" x 59", 42 lbs.
SlimTop 30" x 71", 50 lbs.

SelectTop 30" x 42", 39 lbs.
SelectTop 30" x 47", 44 lbs.
SelectTop 30" x 59", 55 lbs.
SelectTop 30" x 71", 66 lbs.

Available Standard Colors
See color samples

Light Maple
Almond Cherry
Hayward Cherry
Clove Mahogany
Urban Walnut
Shaker Cherry

Designer White (frosty)
Warm White (beige)
Shark Gray

Durability Super-durable
Special Features Pre-drilled holes for attaching base to SlimTop
Insert nuts for attaching base to SelectTop
Pre-drilled holes for keyboard tray(s) and hand controller on both
Country of Origin Michigan, USA

Warranty Program

iMovR offers an excellent warranty on the UpTown, reflecting their confidence in the desk's manufacturing quality.

  • Lifetime on steel frame
  • 5 years on moving parts
  • 5 years on tabletop
  • 5 years on electronics 


Returns and Exchanges

We honor the manufacturer's 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you receive your UpTown product and decide it is not what you are looking for, or would like to exchange it, please send it back and we will give you a full refund minus a 20% restocking fee. Customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs of the return. The product must be in its original packaging, and in sellable condition. Simply email us at or call (844)-366-8748 for a return merchandise authorization number. Please note that shipping and handling costs are nonrefundable.

If you receive your UpTown product and decide you would like to exchange it, please contact us for an exchange merchandise authorization number. The product must be in its original packaging, and in sellable condition. Upon receipt of the exchanged item(s), we will promptly send the replacement. Please note that shipping and handling costs for original item(s) are nonrefundable. Buyer pays for shipping and handling costs of replacement item(s).

Standard Shipping

The standard shipping cost for all UpTown desks is $99. This flat rate applies to any major metropolitan region within the continental United States, and includes all options purchased with a desk system, such as monitor arms and keyboard trays.

Non-standard delivery times and other special delivery options requested by the recipient, as well as delivery to addresses that are more than 50 miles away from our freight carriers' designated airports may be subject to additional delivery surcharges.

For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or Canada please contact us with your specific configuration and delivery address details to obtain a freight quote. For overseas orders we can deliver the product to a freight forwarder of your choosing in the lower 48 states, and you can arrange further transportation directly with the forwarder.

UpTown systems are manufactured-to-order in Michigan and shipped within 5 to 6 business days from date of order. Most desks - and all desks that are shipped with  Room of Choice or White Glove Installation options (see below) - are shipped via freight carrier. You'll receive a tracking number by email once the product has been loaded onto the delivery truck. Delivery to any major metro area within the continental US takes 5 to 7 business days, barring weather delays. A dispatcher will call you 24 hours in advance to confirm the address and a convenient 4-hour window for delivery. Delivery times are available from 9am to 6pm in most markets. Standard delivery is to the first covered threshold. For inside delivery select Room of Choice.

UpTown desk systems with 42"- or 48"-wide tops may be shipped by FedEx Ground. Manufacturing and delivery times will be similar to freight shipments described above.

Room of Choice Delivery

Standard shipping brings your new UpTown to the first covered threshold. With Room of Choice the two-man delivery crew will bring all the components all the way to the room or office where your desk or conference table will go. Elevator trips and up to two flights of stairs included in the price. Each additional flight of stairs is a $30 surcharge that will be billed after delivery to the payment card you used to complete your order. For a complete list of delivery surcharges, see iMovR's Delivery Surcharge Schedule.

Pre-Assembly Option

iMovR designed the UpTown to make assembly easy. However, if you do not want to assemble your desk, they are happy to assemble your desk base and top at the factory and ship it you ready to use out of the box.

With pre-assembly, your UpTown desk will arrive at your threshold with the base assembled and attached to the table top. Simply flip the desk right-side-up, plug it in, and you're ready to go!

Note: Pre-assembly does not include treadmills, keyboard trays, monitor arms, or other peripherals.

White Glove Delivery and Installation Option

Our most popular shipping upgrade, the two-man crew will deliver your factory pre-assembled desk to your room of choice (as described above), set it in place right-side up, and cart away the pallet and all packaging materials. When scheduling your white glove delivery, please allow the delivery team up to thirty minutes to complete the service. White Glove Delivery does not include installation of monitor arms, keyboard trays, power nodes, treadmills, or other accessories.

Note: These policies apply only in major metro areas; some areas may not be eligible for room of choice or white glove service. In the rare event that this is the case with your order, a customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible to notify you. See iMovR's iMovR's Delivery Surcharge Schedule for information about rural deliveries and other special delivery situations.

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