Helping Phil Find a $400 Standing Desk in Seattle

My friend Phil is looking for a standing desk in the Seattle area that he can get for under $400, so I put together this post. Just a few quick options until I have a chance to do an in-depth review of Seattle-area furniture stores.

Option 1: Ikea

Rule # 1 in the affordable-standing-desk game is: Always start at Ikea.

The Vittsjö laptop desk is $39.00.

Another minimalist Ikea choice: building a standing desk from the Vika line you could get set up for between $70.99 and $189.00:

The Galant line is a little fancier, will set you back $140.00-$280.00:

And if you’re feeling Ikea-frisky, do a search for standing desks at Ikea Hackers – last time I looked there were several hundred standing-desk mash-ups there.

Option 2: Ducky’s, er, Amazon

Ducky’s doesn’t stock standing desks. The sales rep there says it takes about two weeks to get a standing desk delivered. So you’re better off with that other South Lake Union furniture retailer, Amazon. Here are a couple of the standing desks that they carry:

Option 3: DIY and/or Furniture Hacking

See also these posts and pages on the Office Fitness website:

And/or my Ignite Seattle talk on DIY Standing Desk Design Patterns.


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