The Rise of the Standing Desk Featured in Seattle Times

Standing desk story by Monica Guzman in the Seattle Times

I absolutely love this piece by Monica Guzman on standing desks in today’s Seattle Times. To this point, the standing-desk articles I’ve seen usually fall into one of three categories: Info-graphic-ey fear-mongering pieces about how deadly sitting is (as the author of a book called “Scared Sitless” I am, of course, no stranger to good-natured, […]

The Science behind “Sitting Disease”

Sitting Disease Research

This is an excerpt from the forthcoming “Scared Sitless: The Office Fitness Book.” When you look at the science behind the numerous news headlines about “sitting disease” you find three major bodies of research. First are epidemiological, population-level studies that look at large numbers of sitters and non-sitters and report on their overall health. Second […]

The 3 R’s of Habit Formation

Kid with a good habit

Behavior change is tough, especially when you’re trying to adopt a new habitual behavior. A daunting array of psychological ideas underlie the formation of a new habit. Fortunately, these concepts and practices cluster nicely into an easy-to-remember trio of familiar actions. If you want to make a behavior a habit, all you have to do […]

“Scared Sitless” Book Progress Report

Scared Sitless book cover

UPDATE 3/4/14 – a number of developments, all of them positive (well, except for that week-long cold), have conspired to 1) improve the book and 2) push back the publication date. I am in the home stretch now on the writing of “Scared Sitless: The Office Fitness Book,” polishing and editing the final manuscript chapter […]

Rise: A Wearable Sitting Tracker

Rise sitting tracker

I just funded the Indiegogo campaign for this nifty-looking sitting monitor. Here’s how the founders describe the project: “Rise keeps track of how much you sit throughout the day. It pairs with your smartphone to show you your sitting trends, send you reminders to rise off your chair, and allows you to compete with friends […]

Working on a Fun Movie-Style Trailer for the Book

Don LaFontaine

I’m having way too much fun putting together a movie-style trailer for “Scared Sitless.” The idea started when I attended T.M. Franklin‘s workshop on “Building a Bargain Book Trailer” at the Northwest Book Fest. As I was sitting there, Don LaFontaine‘s “in a world” voice started going through my head. Things got rolling pretty quickly […]