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Multi-Purpose Adjustable Height Tables

Adjustable Height Tables & Adjustable Height Conference TablesThe first adjustable-height table that's reasonably priced, and designed to be used anywhere you'd use a fixed height table.

Our customers use them in a myriad of ways because they are so flexible, and they still have a polished modern look appropriate for most situations. How might you use one?

  • Dining Room Table - Raise the table for appetizers and cocktails when guests arrive, then lower for elegant dining. Need a table to seat younger diners at the holidays or birthday parties? They'll never outgrow your synapse table!
  • Lunchroom or Kitchen Table - Used with chairs or stools, easily makes your lunchroom into an extra meeting room.
  • Gift Wrapping Table - One height does not fit all. Prevent backache for shorter or taller gift-wrappers with a simple height adjustment.
  • Event Booth Table - Have sitting conferences or keep people standing to speed up your meetings.
  • Registration Table - Raise the height to make it easier for registrants to write.
  • Scrum Table - For teams that need to hold quick and productive "scrum" (standing) meetings. A favorite at startups & tech companies.
  • The Ultimate Studio Table - Use the Synapse as a dining table, a desk, a coffee table, a game table... use the same space for multiple functions in smaller or studio apartments.

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