About Larry Swanson

Larry Swanson, LMP

Larry Swanson, Author of “Scared Sitless”

Larry Swanson is a personal trainer and massage therapist in downtown Seattle, WA. A 12-year career in book publishing wrecked his low back, which led to years of medical research and self-care, culminating in enrollment in massage school. Over a 14-year massage career in downtown Seattle, he has helped hundreds of office workers cope with the vagaries of desk work. Larry’s interest in office fitness originally arose from the pain patterns, posture issues, and ergonomic challenges he observed in those clients. When he discovered how deadly sedentary behavior is, he also became certified as a personal trainer to learn more about exercise and how to motivate people to move more. He’s now sharing his office fitness discoveries in his book, “Scared Sitless,” and on this website.

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