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We simply have to sit less.

using laptop in chair; contorted position

Don’t Just Sit There!

Sitting is unnatural. It contorts us into preposterous shapes, causing all sorts of aches and pains. It deprives us of our natural vitality, reducing our productivity. Scariest of all, sitting is deadly.

Office Fitness

There’s more to office fitness than simply sitting less. Office ergonomics and posture, as well as exercises that can help counter the effects of a desk job. But sitting definitely merits our attention. . .

Sitting Disease

“Sitting Disease” refers to the toxic bundle of physiological effects of prolonged sedentary behavior. The simple act of sitting for long periods puts us at risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other deadly conditions. It might sound crazy to think that a seemingly natural urge to “take a load off” and relax in a chair could cause so much trouble, but it does.

Sitting and Sedentariness

Everything about modern life seems to conspire to kick our legs out from under us and plop us into an office chair, onto the couch, or into a car or bus or airline seat. We used to walk everywhere, to climb Woman Slouched in Chair with Laptophills and take stairs, to walk to theaters, to pick up newspapers in the driveway. Now we can get around barely taking a single step of our own, and we can get all the entertainment and information we could ever dream of without ever getting up off the couch or out of our chair. Combine these transportation and communication trends with a century of labor-saving devices that keep us from ever having to rake a leaf or lift a garage door, and the stage is set for our current epidemic of obesity and “sitting disease.”

The Antidote to Sitting Disease

This website aims to provide an antidote to sitting disease.

Start by sitting less. Then read the latest scientific findings on “sitting disease” and adopt some or all of the office-fitness remedies we cover.

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