The All-New Store is Coming Soon!

Formerly the online store and demo showroom associated with the WorkWhileWalking & WorkWhileStanding review sites, SitLess is now becoming its own business entity, with a new showroom opening in Bellevue, WA on September 15th, 2016, and an all-new website coming later this year. For the time being please proceed to the WorkWhileWalking online store.

Why the Change?

Our roots were in treadmill desks, but “office fitness” today includes so much more: standing desks, sit-stand converters, active ergonomic seating, under-desk cycles and a great deal of new ergonomic accessories such as monitor arms, standing mats, and keyboard tray. is also a shorter name that encompasses all of these products, and much easier to remember!

What’s Going to be Different?

In the past it was our policy only to offer select products that received a 4-star rating, or better, from the expert review staff at WorkWhileWalking & Standing. As the market for these products exploded the staff became increasingly backlogged with products waiting in the wings for a full review. Rather than reduce the depth and quality of their reviews, we decided to unhitch the retail arm of the company from the review sites, so we could offer more new products sooner. While we still won’t sell any product we wouldn’t stake our reputation on, we will no longer require that they be formally reviewed before offering them to our customers.

When Will the Cut-over Occur?

The cut-over will officially begin with the Grand Opening of our new flagship demonstration showroom on September 1st. However the online store will not yet be rebranded by that time. The new e-commerce store will soon be rebuilt on a new platform with enhanced features for an improved customer experience. Users will be able to build complete workstation “bundles” with greater ease than ever before, and site performance will be dramatically improved. Look for this to happen sometime in Q4’16. Until then…

Featuring office fitness solutions from these leading vendors

  • Anthro
  • Ergo Desktop
  • ErgoTech
  • Ergotron
  • Fitness Cubed (Cubii)
  • GoldTouch
  • Humanscale
  • iMovR
  • Innovative
  • Kinesis
  • Matias
  • MultiTable
  • RightAngle